2015 - 2016 Council Award of Excellence
   2014 - 2015 Council Award of Excellence
   2013 - 2014 Vice Presidents' Award for highest average competition points

Although chapter and council leaders come together at quarterly meetings to discuss ideas, it is tough to thoroughly discuss all topics that are important to our chapter and council leaders. Therefore, we have decided to create a forum for sharing ideas and more in-depth discussions between meetings, via a "brown bag" series. Our goal is to have one or two sessions, via WebEx, between the quarterly Council meetings.

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Prior Brown Bags

February 2016: Chapter Portal - Exploring Chapter Resources and Tools
DHave you heard your fellow chapter board members refer to a "Chapter Portal," but it seems like a mystery to you?  Have you logged in to the Chapter Portal but are not sure where to go from there?  Review our WebEx recording to learn more about some of the basics of the Chapter Portal. We will discussed where to access the Chapter Portal, and the top chapter resources and tools that we think will be most helpful to you and your chapter.

January 2016: Chapter Competition and Compensation - Understanding the Basics
Does your chapter know what chapter goals Global IMA established for your chapter for Membership, Education, and Certification?  Do you know how to maximize your competition points, including service level points, to increase your chapter standing?  Do you know how your monthly compensation is determined?  Review our WebEx recording to learn some helpful hints and basics from Lincoln Trail Regional Council.  We discussed the minimum requirements to be eligible for chapter competition and compensation.  We also discussed the four core "points" categories (education, certification, membership, and chapter service points) and what reports exist within the Chapter Portal.

November 2015: How Did You Do That in Google Sites

Are you struggling with making changes to your IMA chapter website on Google Sites? Maybe you are new to Google Sites and you are tired of searching help and Google forums to figure out basic items like how to add items to the sidebar and change order; how to add a textbox, slideshow, images, or pdf; etc.? Review our WebEx recording to learn some helpful hints and basics that Lincoln Trail Regional Council has included in our Council website. We are not experts . . . but we have learned a lot by trial and error over the last couple of years within converting our own website to Google Sites. We would be glad to share what we have learned and included in our website!  Handout is also available for items discussed.

September 2015: How Your Chapter Could Use Google Forms
Does your chapter struggle with RSVP's for chapter meetings and board meetings, and sharing the information among different board members? Do you wish you could create a simple electronic version of a paper application, evaluation, or survey? Review our WebEx recording to learn how Lincoln Trail Regional Council has used Google Forms for RSVP's and to automate applications, evaluations, and surveys, including using Forms Notifications and Forms Limiter (to limit to certain number of responses or date/time). Review setup of a basic form and how to use add-on features, and then either share the form via Google Sites website, email, etc. Discuss advantages and any "bumps" found along the way. Notes sheet is also available for items discussed.