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  • Matt Ringle (student at Butler University) – My favorite portion of the conference was the session by Ben Mulling.  He spoke about early career steps that everyone should take and I plan to heed his advice on 1) discovering my niche in life and 2) not being afraid to fail.  The Career Roundtables session was also another enlightening session, as I was lucky to sit with Kim Wallin (Controller, State of Nevada) and Ginger White (Six Sigma Master Black Belt) and hear about their career experiences and early steps.  The conference was a great networking opportunity for myself among others, as it allowed me to practice working on creating small talk and my elevator speech with students and professionals that I’d never met before.
  • Leigh Compton (student at Eastern Kentucky University) – My favorite part of the conference was the Eli Lilly tour.  It was great to see their facility.  I also really enjoyed the Dallara Indy Car factory.  It was awesome getting to go “behind the scenes” and seeing the factory.  I also really enjoyed the sessions on networking and LinkedIn.

  • Charles McClellan (student at UT Martin) – My favorite part of the conference was having the opportunity to meet and network with various students from around the country who are also entering my chosen profession.
  • Abraham Parkison (student at Purdue University) – I enjoyed the “Student to CFO” presentation.  That by far made the trip worth it.  I learned that sometimes you have to make tough calls and live with them.  Those decisions are telling of who you are.
  • Geoff Schoeneck (student at Butler University) – My favorite part about the conference was the speakers that were there, they were all very good and had great things to share with students.

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2013 Attendee Nisa Jones,
Louisville Chapter Student Member

. . . How can I begin to describe the conference?  Insightful, inspiring, and powerful only begin to scratch the surface. . . 

While the speakers, exhibitors, and overall set-up of the conference left me in reluctance to leave Charlotte on Saturday evening, the most enriching experience involved the other 500+ students in which I experienced the conference.  Upon checking into the hotel and registering with IMA on Thursday evening, I was immediately surrounded with a large body of students representing more universities and institutions than I can remember.  It was refreshing to see a large group of students chasing similar dreams and aspirations as myself, regardless of their geographic location.  I met future CFO's from Texas who want to use their accounting coursework and certification for farming.  I met future accountants from California who simply want to open an ice cream shop.  It was truly amazing to see the diversity of interests, backgrounds, and stories each student carried with them. 

My Blackberry is now filled with new contacts of future business leaders.  In the short time I experienced Charlotte, I am confident I have made networks, connections, and even friends that will last a lifetime! . . . It is my hope that the Lincoln Trail region will have even MORE attendees . . . in Indianapolis! 

See Nisa quoted in an article in the January 2014 issue of Strategic Finance.

2012 & 2013 Attendee Brittany Skeels,
Evansville Chapter Student Member

. . .Anticipating the [2012] IMA Student Leadership Conference, I felt that [it] would be the same environment as other club meetings or events. Before I had even sat in on a session, I realized I was wrong.

Every session I attended taught me something different, whether it was Bryant Ambelang [CEO & President, NatureSweet Tomato's] explaining that once you figure out what you want in life, everything else becomes easy, or my favorite speaker, Jeffrey Jardine [Manager of Enterprise Risk Services at Deloitte & Touche, LLP] having me realize that you have to take advantage of every opportunity in life, no matter how small it may seem, because you will learn from it somehow. 

[The Career Roundtables session] was one of the most beneficial sessions of the conference. I sat with Amanda Mathis [Director –Accounting, Michaels Stores Inc.] and Dassie Baum [Executive Director of Beta Alpha Psi] and had the opportunity to ask both of them questions about how they got where they are today, and advice on how to proceed through school and getting employed after graduation. . .

. . .The 2012 IMA Student Leadership Conference was my first conference, but I will be sure that it won’t be my last. It was an experience I will never forget. . .

2011 - 2013 Attendee Eric Mauer,
South Central Indiana Chapter Student Member

The IMA SLC was a great source of growth for me both career-wise and professional development-wise. . . .The most important personal development was learning how to network with strangers in a professional setting. Being slightly introverted, I’ve always felt very uncomfortable making small talk. I knew this was an area of weakness, and this conference gave me a great opportunity to practice this skill without any real repercussions.  . . .This may seem relatively unimportant, but the modern day office setting increasingly encourages open communication, which makes it is truly a vital soft skill if you’re in the business world.

. . .from the career development view, it landed me an internship with a great company, Cummins Inc. I’ve gotten a very wide array of experiences from my two internships and now full time position within a rotational program at Cummins. I flew on a plane for the first time in my life during my first internship. In my second internship, I flew to China for my first experience abroad. I’ve had a lot of experience with diverse perspectives due to Cummins having employees from many different countries. This experience has really changed how I view the world, and I can thank it all to attending my first SLC in Cincinnati, OH in 2011.