2015 - 2016 Council Award of Excellence
   2014 - 2015 Council Award of Excellence
   2013 - 2014 Vice Presidents' Award for highest average competition points

News and Updates


Having Fun in Music City!
April 2016
We kicked of our final meeting of the year in Nashville with an insightful 2-CPE leadership session “Better You, Better Leader” by Council member Martha Alle.  It not only helped us understand our own individual personality styles and how it impacts our leadership style, but it also helped us better understand how to manage and work with people with differing personality styles.  Thanks, Martha!

We sprinkled in some more leadership training with a “Problem” Family Tree exercise to help identify “root” causes for existing problems in our local chapters.  We also included some FUN with a minute-to-win-it challenge, “Hanky Panky” . . . the tissues were flying!  Incoming Council Secretary Meredith Albright was the winner of our challenge.

Since we were at the home of country music in Nashville, we decided to wind down our 40th anniversary year with our own version of the C.M.A. awards . . . "Chapter Management Achievement" awards. Kudos to our chapters for their efforts this year!

  • Bloomington Chapter - Three Musketters Award – for always sticking together as a chapter board.
  • Blue Grass Area Chapter100 Grand Award – for working hard as a chapter board on successful February Student Night, with over 50 attendees and 6 universities.
  • Evansville Chapter Gobstoppers Award – for gobs of different CPE offerings for chapter members, including monthly luncheons, breakfast meetings, plant tour, 4th Thursday CPE night, & all-day CPE.
  • Indianapolis ChapterReece’s Pieces Award – would have fallen to pieces without commitment of chapter board.
  • Louisville ChapterBaby Ruth Award – for “homerun” with new student mentoring program.
  • Nashville ChapterButterfinger Award – for giving a helping hand to make the Oct. MrExcel seminar so successful.
  • Northern Kentucky ChapterRolo Award – for rolling with the punches to merge with Cincinnati North.
  • South Central Indiana ChapterTootsie Roll Award – you’re on a roll, keep up the good work with focusing on quality CPE.

April 2016 Council Meeting

Special thanks to the Nashville Chapter for their Southern hospitality, including hosting social on Friday evening at George Jones Center to enjoy good food, music, and company!  Save the date for our next quarterly Council meeting on July 23rd in Lexington, KY!

Sharing Six Sigma with EKU!
March 2016

Council member, Ginger White, visited Dr. Isaac's Advanced Management Accounting class at Eastern Kentucky University on March 30th.  Ginger is Corporate Purchasing Financing Director for Cummins, Inc., and is a Six Sigma Black Belt (MBB).  She is a Past President of Lincoln Trail Regional Council and currently serves on IMA's Global Board of Directors.
described the elements of Six Sigma and the impact it has had on Cummins’ performance.  She gave examples of projects that have implemented its principles.  She also engaged students in KJ activity to apply some of the principles.  Thanks, Ginger!  Check out EKU article for more details.

“Weathering” Winter Storm in January!
January 2016

We originally planned an in-person meeting in Columbus, Indiana (South Central IN chapter) for our January meeting.  However, a winter storm in Southern Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee prevented travel for many, so we used our WebEx connection to make it a virtual meeting.  We hope to have a “do-over” in Columbus for 2016/2017 to also help the chapter celebrate their 50th anniversary year!

We started out the January meeting with a session on "How to Maximize Chapter Service Points" and ended with a best-practices sharing session on chapter succession planning.  We shared latest news and events from our participating chapters and provided updates on Council initiatives, including desire to partner with chapters in upcoming year on PD seminars.  And most of us were able to join from the comfort of home, in our jammies, with a warm cup of coffee or tea by our side, watching the snow continue to fall outside!

Save the date for our next quarterly Council meeting on April 23rd in Nashville, Tennessee!


#GivingTuesday, #IMAgiver!
December 2015

Following up on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, IMA challenged it chapters and councils to participate in Giving Tuesday by making a donation to its scholarship fund.  Check out the shout-out that appeared on the IMA Facebook page!

Imagining New Directions in Disney! #SLC2015
November 2015

Student members enjoyed three days of learning, networking, and FUN at IMA's 2015 Student Leadership Conference (SLC) at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort!  Our Council awarded two $500 Student Leadership Conference scholarships to IMA student members demonstrating leadership within its chapters.  This year's scholarship recipients were:
  • Rebecca Zimberg, Western Kentucky University
  • Marianne Jimenez, Middle Tennessee State University

"Excel"-ing in October!
October 2015

The Council hosted two MrExcel seminars in October - 10/15 in Nashville, TN and 10/16 in Louisville, KY.  The seminars were well attended, with about 125 attendees in total; attendees not only included local Nashville and Louisville chapter members, but also other chapter members within our Council region and local non-members as well.  "MrExcel" Bill Jelen shared useful tips and tricks, along with entertaining the crowd!

At our Council meeting on 10/17 in Jeffersonville, IN (Louisville Chapter), we celebrated the Council's 40th anniversary with a nod to the 1970's - the decade the Council was officially chartered.  We had some fun with a 1970's trivia challenge and shared some Pop Rocks and Ring Pops, along with some disco lights to help set the mood!  We started out with a 1-CPE session on "How to Make Meetings More Fun and Productive" and ended with a best-practices sharing session on chapter membership.  We shared latest news and events from our participating chapters and provided updates on Council initiatives, included WebEx initiative for providing remote access to future Council meetings and also periodic brown bag sessions.  We ended the day with a social outing to brewery Flat12 Bierwerks to grab a pint of local brew!

Save the date for our next quarterly Council meeting in January in Columbus, Indiana (South Central Indiana Chapter)!

The Importance of Internal Controls
September 2015

Jeff Thomson recently interviewed Council Treasurer Susan Maddux on the importance of internal controls and how to manage and strengthen them.  Susan is the controller and director of accounting at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum; she is also a board member of Nashville chapter.  Check out the Forbes article.

Knocking It Out of the Park in Northern Kentucky!
July 2015

We kicked of our 2015-2016 Council year with our first meeting in July in Covington, KY.  Several Council members attended the Cincinnati Reds game the Friday evening prior to the Council meeting and then met up at MainStrasse for some drinks.

We started the Council meeting with an engaging chapter sharing session on "Communication."  There were a number of exciting announcements during the Council meeting, including our October MrExcel seminars, t-shirt fundraiser for SLC scholarships, and use of WebEx for some "remote" sharing sessions between Council meetings.  Plus, we played some games, including "Two Truths, One Lie!"  We ended the day with a 1 CPE session on "Engaging Multigenerational Workforce."

We are excited for a new year and a number of initiatives . . . we may not hit a home run, but we hope to at least "up our game" and provide a lot of additional value to both our Council and Chapter members.  We hope to see you at our next Council meeting in October!

Council and Chapter Members at IMA's 96th Annual Conference in LA!
June 2015

Council Members at 96th Annual Conference

Highlights from this year's conference include:

Council and Chapter Awards

Awards and honors presented at the 2015 Annual Dinner include:
  • Lincoln Trail Regional Council - Council Award of Excellence
  • Martha Alle (Evansville) - IMA Exemplary Volunteer Award
  • Evansville Chapter
    • 12th Place Stevenson Division
    • Runner-Up Chapter Community Service Award
    • Runner-Up Chapter Public Relations Award
  • Nashville Chapter
    • Gold Chapter Newsletter Award
    • Bronze Chapter Public Relations Award
  • South Central Indiana
    • 1st Place/Banner Stevenson Division
    • Three-Year Membership Achievement - Member Retention

Conference Recap

Best Practice Sharing in Bloomington!
April 2015

Thanks to the Bloomington Chapter for hosting our April Council meeting!  Also, special thanks to Martha Alle and Ginger White for helping coordinate and execute our CLEW (Chapter Leadership Education Workshop) training on Education via webinar with Beverly Brooks during the first 2 ½ hours of the meeting . . . lots of best practice sharing on possible professional development events for the future!

It was announced that Lincoln Trail Council will be hosting two MrExcel seminars in October – October 15th in Nashville, TN and October 16th in Louisville, KY.  The seminar in Louisville, KY will also coincide with the October 17th quarterly Council meeting.  Save-the-date and stay tuned for full details to be announced at July 18th quarterly Council meeting!

As the individual chapters add on new board members for the upcoming 2015-2016 year, we were reminded that the following four chapter portal training videos are available via our website: presentations, marketing, forms, and monthly communications.  The videos were produced by the Council within efforts to accomplish the “Council Award of Excellence” for 2014-2015.

Join us in Northern Kentucky in July and help celebrate our 40th-year anniversary as a Council!

Sharing Career Advice at IU Southeast in Indiana!
March 2015

Louisville Chapter members Kristina Merrill, Matt Monteiro, and Dawn Williams and LTRC member Ginger White attended corporate accounting panel discussion and “meet and greet” on campus of IU Southeast on Wednesday, March 18th.  Each shared their career advice and why they pursued CMA certification.  LTRC members and instructors Lisa Book and Rick French helped coordinate the event on campus, which was co-hosted by the IU Southeast Accounting Club.

March 2015 IUS Panel Discussion

Gathering in Evansville!
January 2015

Thanks to the Evansville Chapter for hosting the January meeting!  It may have been bitter cold outside, but the lively discussion kept us nice and toasty inside!  One particular item discussed was Chapter Portal Training videos that now appear on our website under “Portal Training.”  At the October meeting, our group identified four main areas of the portal that could benefit from training information: marketing, forms, presentations, and monthly communications; we built videos around these four areas.  We hope the chapters can use them in their training efforts for the upcoming year.  We are also using this as our specific accomplishment in pursuit of applying for the 2014 – 2015 Council Award of Excellence.

Special thanks to the Evansville Chapter for arranging for Dane Patridge of University of Southern Indiana to provide 2 CPE on “Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility” at the end of the meeting.  Several Evansville Chapter members joined the group to also get a jumpstart on earning their ethics requirements for the year.

See you in Bloomington in April!

January 2015 Meeting


#GivingTuesday, #IMAgiver!
December 2014

Following up on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the IMA challenged it chapters and councils to participate in Giving Tuesday by making a donation to its scholarship fund.  Thanks to the Evansville Chapter, Louisville Chapter, and South Central Indiana Chapter for their generosity.  Check out the shout-out that appeared on the IMA Facebook page!

Connecting in Circle City!
November 2014

Our Council was pleased to host the 15th Annual Student Leadership Conference (SLC) in November in Indianapolis!  With more than 570 students from more than 100 schools, the conference marked the highest attendance in SLC history!  This year’s theme was “Advance with Purpose,” and it delivered in terms of sessions on leadership and life skills to help students shape their future careers from speakers like IMA Chair-Elect Ben Mulling and race car driver Sarah Fisher.  Sessions also included popular topics on data analytics, risk management, networking, and the value of the CMA certification.  And we cannot forget about the networking opportunities throughout the conference, including the Career Roundtables and tours of Dallara Indy Car Factory, Eli Lilly, Lucas Oil Stadium, and Bankers Life Fieldhouse!  Our Council also hosted a "meet and greet" the first evening for our Council scholarship recipients and other local area attendees to share experiences and get to know each other better.

See comments below from local Council members that volunteered at the conference:

  • Jeannie Harrington, Professor of Accounting at Middle Tennessee State University and Nashville Chapter member – My students loved the conference.  They loved the interaction with the professionals.  The “bean grower” speaker [Neil Baier] was excellent.  It was great for all of us to meet other students.  See Jeannie and her MTSU students participating in the T-shirt contest at the Dallara IndyCar Factory!

  • Sherita Gregory, Financial Analyst at Cummins and South Central Indiana Chapter member – The 2014 Student Leadership Conference was yet another phenomenal experience!  Executives from several companies were hosted during general sessions which gave both students and professionals an inside look at various challenges and rewards faced when climbing to the top.  In addition, the tour to Dallara was informative and surprising; we learned that the IndyCar Series are assembled by hand, not machine and by one person, WOW!  Due to such a hands-on-process, tour guides were well informed with every step of assembling the cars and able to answer any question we could come up with.
  • Lisa Book, Lecturer of Accounting at Indiana University Southeast and Lincoln Trail Regional Council Vice President – It was my first Student Leadership Conference and I was not sure what to expect when I volunteered to help with conference.   One thing that most impressed me was how professional the students were and how excited they were to be there.  At the end of each session, they fired away such well thought-out questions for the presenters . . . they often also flocked around the speaker at the end to shake hands and introduce themselves.  One thing several of the speakers brought up as advice was to be kind to people throughout your career.  It was a lesson that did not fall short on many of the students; several that I had helped sign-in at the start of the conference or seat during a session walked up to me at some point during the conference to thank me for my help with the conference . . . it made it all worth it!  See Lisa getting ready for tour at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

  • Ginger White, Six Sigma Master Black Belt at Cummins and Regional Rep for Lincoln Trail Regional Council – It was so nice to see my undergrad college professor, Dr. Patricia Isaacs, at the IMA Student Conference.  I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in 1996, and staying connected with one of my favorite undergrad professors, since we both are part of IMA, is really nice.  Also staying connected to of my MBA professor’s, Dr. Rick French, who is also a long time member of IMA, is really nice.  Both Dr. Isaacs and Dr. French have made a positive difference in my life and professional career for which I am most grateful.  See Ginger, Brian McGuire (former chair of IMA), and Dave Dimare (President of SCMS) at tour of Lucas Oil Stadium.


See comments below from some of our 2014 SLC scholarship recipients:

  • Matt Ringle (student at Butler University) – My favorite portion of the conference was the session by Ben Mulling.  He spoke about early career steps that everyone should take and I plan to heed his advice on 1) discovering my niche in life and 2) not being afraid to fail.  The Career Roundtables session was also another enlightening session, as I was lucky to sit with Kim Wallin (Controller, State of Nevada) and Ginger White (Six Sigma Master Black Belt) and hear about their career experiences and early steps.  The conference was a great networking opportunity for myself among others, as it allowed me to practice working on creating small talk and my elevator speech with students and professionals that I’d never met before.
  • Leigh Compton (student at Eastern Kentucky University) – My favorite part of the conference was the Eli Lilly tour.  It was great to see their facility.  I also really enjoyed the Dallara Indy Car factory.  It was awesome getting to go “behind the scenes” and seeing the factory.  I also really enjoyed the sessions on networking and LinkedIn.
  • Charles McClellan (student at UT Martin) – My favorite part of the conference was having the opportunity to meet and network with various students from around the country who are also entering my chosen profession.
  • Abraham Parkison (student at Purdue University) – I enjoyed the “Student to CFO” presentation.  That by far made the trip worth it.  I learned that sometimes you have to make tough calls and live with them.  Those decisions are telling of who you are.
  • Geoff Schoeneck (student at Butler University) – My favorite part about the conference was the speakers that were there, they were all very good and had great things to share with students.

The Council awarded $200 scholarships to IMA’s 15th Annual Student Leadership Conference to the following student members that have demonstrated leadership within its chapters:

  • Seth Ashby (Western Kentucky University)
  • Leigh Compton (Eastern Kentucky University)
  • Trishae Dotson (Middle Tennessee State University)
  • Zuzana Hronik (Indiana University Southeast)
  • Melia Junell Kemper (Eastern Kentucky University)
  • Jacob King (Western Kentucky University)
  • Charles McClellan (UT Martin)
  • Abraham Parkison (Purdue)
  • Matthew Ringle (Butler University)
  • Geoff Shoeneck (Butler University)
  • Michelle St. John (Middle Tennessee State University)

Coming Together in Music City!
October 2014

Thanks to the Nashville Chapter for hosting our October Council meeting!  We shared a lot of great ideas again about our various chapter initiatives; no matter how many Council meetings you attend, you will always walk away with at least a few new tidbits!

To help support PD full-day seminars in our area, the Council purchased IMA-logo tote bags and USB car chargers, and distributed to chapter representatives in attendance.  We hope that it is a small “take-away” for your PD seminar attendees.

Our Six Sigma red, blue, and green committees are gearing up as a number of Council members volunteered to serve on the individual committees.  We cannot wait to get an update on the committee initiatives at the next Council meeting!

Council President, Amy Mings, challenged us to achieve the Council Award of Excellence for 2014 – 2015.  For the “Specific Accomplishment,” Amy, Lisa Book, and several other Council members are working on developing short training videos that cover helpful areas of the IMA portal (e.g., how to order brochures, where to find existing presentations, etc.).  It is all of the stuff you wish you had known when you became a new board member!  The videos will be available on the Council website so they are accessible to chapter officers throughout our region.  The goal is to complete the videos by the January meeting, and discuss how the chapters can use them for their training initiatives.  Beyond the videos, several Council members also volunteered to assist with preparing a “frequently asked question” listing related to the portal.

The Council decided to host a “Meet and Greet” at the Student Leadership Conference in Indianapolis.  Plans are for an informal gathering on the first evening of the conference at a restaurant in the conference hotel, with the Council providing appetizers.  Invitations will go out to all faculty and student members within our region; we hope to come together to help kick off the conference!

Lastly, check out the pics below of attendees reviewing updates to our Council website!  We reminded chapter representatives to make sure they link their individual chapter websites to the Council website to keep us better “connected” and help cross promote chapter PD seminars.  We are also hoping to develop a speakers’ bureau within our region and are looking for speaker recommendations on our website.  If you are having a special event or celebrating a particular accomplishment within your chapter, send us a picture and story so we can include on our Council website!

We look forward to seeing you in Evansville in January!


October Meeting

Leading the Charge in Lexington!
July 2014

The Blue Grass Chapter hosted July’s quarterly council meeting.  We had a packed agenda and shared a lot of good ideas, and even had a few laughs along the way.  Council President Amy Mings led the charge of challenging the Council to strive to achieve the Council Award of Excellence for 2014 – 2015.  In particular, we discussed what might qualify as a “Specific Accomplishment” needed to achieve the award.  We also revisited our Six Sigma red, blue, and green committee group initiatives.  Make sure to volunteer for one of the committees!  Many of the chapters shared that they are planning a full-day seminar, so the Council discussed investigating a giveaway purchase that could be “donated” to the chapters in an effort to help support their seminar.  Thanks to Blue Grass Chapter member and Council Treasurer, Paula Wilcox, several Council members extended the fun by stopping by Equus Run Vineyards for a wine tasting after the meeting.

Council members catching up during lunch and sharing a little cake to help celebrate the Council receiving the Vice Presidents award for 2013 - 2014.

Council Members at IMA's 95th Annual Conference in Minneapolis!
June 2014

Council Members at 95th Annual Conference

Highlights from this year's conference include:

Council and Chapter Awards

Awards and honors presented at the 2014 Annual Dinner include:
  • Lincoln Trail Regional Council - Vice President's Award
  • Ginger White (South Central Indiana) - IMA Exemplary Leadership Award
  • Amy Mings (Evansville) - Young Professional Award
  • Evansville Chapter
    • 1st Place/Banner Stevenson Division
    • Silver Chapter Community Service / S. Alden Pendleton Award
    • Bronze Chapter Newsletter Award
    • Runner-Up Chapter Public Relations Award
  • Nashville Chapter
    • Gold Chapter Newsletter Award
    • Runner-Up Chapter Community Service / S. Alden Pendleton Award
  • South Central Indiana
    • Kasunic Award
    • 8th Place/Banner Stevenson Division
    • Three-Year Membership Achievement - Member Retention
  • Outstanding Level of Service
    • Blue Grass
    • Evansville
    • Louisville
    • Nashville

Can you find your fellow chapter and council members in the following IMA video from the conference?  Go to http://www.imaconference.org/ to check out other videos from the conference.  Don't miss the fun next year in Los Angeles!

Annual Conference Recap

Louisville Spring Conference is a Success!
April 2014

The Council and Louisville Chapter partnered in April 2014 to provide council members up to 10 CPE on 4/25 and 4/26, coinciding with the April Council meeting.  The Louisville Chapter Spring Conference on 4/25 offered attendees 8 CPE, and included interactive sessions on fraud, ethics, internal controls, and personnel-related issues.  Said 2013 - 2014 Louisville Chapter President and Conference Chair, Lisa Book, "I have been amazed how much I have enjoyed the IMA Annual Conferences and wanted to mimic a similar experience on a local level.  We wanted to do something people were not expecting, and not only have our attendees walk away with increased knowledge, but have fun while learning.  I think one measure of our success was when a student volunteer for our afternoon mock fraud investigation asked some of the other attendees if earning CPE was always like this; the other attendees quickly replied that it was rarely that fun.  For it being our first time to do something like this, we couldn't have expected a better result!"

Attendees of the conference not only included Louisville Chapter members and other local area professionals, but chapter members from Evansville, Blue Grass, Nashville, and South Central Indiana were also in attendance.  Said Lisa Book, "Most of the chapters seem to be coming to the same conclusion as our Louisville Chapter - attendance at 1 or 2 CPE offerings is dwindling; busy professionals see a greater ROI in full-day and half-day offerings.  After the conference, chapter officers from other chapters talked to me about wanting to do something similar and incorporating a full-day PD seminar with an upcoming council meeting.  One of my goals with being involved with the Council is to hopefully help with cross-promoting those events among our Council chapters - sort of a get all the CPE you need right in your back door.  I don't see it as our local chapters competing for attendees, but each bringing unique topics and speakers that complement each other."

The Council held its quarterly board meeting and annual leadership training on 4/26. Valuable insight was gained on the 2-hour CPE presentation by past Global Chair Brian McGuire: “Leading Change.” Brian shared personal experiences and tips for leading organizations through change, and also for changes in our personal situation.

Global Director (Regional Rep) Ginger White Interviewed by Jeff Thomson!
January/February 2014

IMA President and CEO Jeff Thomson interviewed our Council's Global Director, Ginger White, who is also a Six Sigma Master Black Belt for Cummins.  He first asked her how she translated her experience into mentoring opportunities at Cummins.  He then followed up with Ginger to learn more about how to become a black belt and the impact of the techniques on the organization.  Check out link to Forbes articles (summary of interview) or YouTube videos (entire interview) below!