Description of Board Positions

    • President [Mandatory Position]
      • as its chief administrative and executive officer, ensures the board meets regularly, functions effectively, and volunteers understand and perform their duties adequately.
    • VP of Engagement [Mandatory Position]
      • is responsible for ensuring planned activities are of interest to members and will engage them.
    • Secretary [Mandatory Position]
      • has a focal position. Much of the success of the chapter’s operations depends on the secretary, whose principal activities are to run board meetings, ensure effective communications within the board, and support the president as needed.
    • Treasurer [Mandatory Position]
      • is responsible for managing chapter funds appropriately, prepare budgets for planned activities, and submit financial reports.
    • Vice President of Administration
      • generally manages operations for the volunteer leadership team and ensures they are aware of and utilizing resources/tools available to them.
    • Webmaster
      • maintains relevant content on the website. Content must be up-to-date and of interest to members for great engagement.
    • Director of Regional Council Delegate
      • Coordinate with the Chapters Regional Council Delegate & main contact for the chapters.
    • Vice President of Membership
      • welcomes new members; congratulates members on anniversary milestones; communicates with terminations; possible outreach to local campuses and other membership acquisition efforts.
    • Director of CMA
      • membership resource for CMA and CSCA questions; congratulates members on certifications; proactive in promoting CMA and CSA certification and CMA Scholarship.
    • Director of Mentor Program (Mentor Coordinator)
      • recruits’ mentees and mentors for mentor university program; matches mentees and mentors; tracks progress of mentees and mentors; coordinates mentee/mentor reception.
    • Director At-Large
      • are usually given specific tasks such as managing newsletters, coordinating logistics for events, managing student/academic outreach,  etc.

 Meetings & Professional Development

    • Director of Professional Education
      • generally is responsible for ensuring educational offerings are of interest to members and of highest quality in terms of content. This individual would also lead planning for chapter events and develop a yearly calendar of events.
    • Communication
      • VP of Communications
        • generally manages various communication channels and platforms to ensure member engagement.
      • If needed: Assistant of Communications
        • assists VP of Communications with newsletter preparation.
      • Director of Social Media
        • maintains chapter social media presence, including, but not limited to, Facebook and LinkedIn.